The final version of the timetable is published at noon on the Tuesday before the Olympics. Print off the final version after that time. Earlier versions are subject to change as schools and teams are added and deleted.

Master Timetable

Timetable Splits

Click on the room number in items 1 - 17 below to see a picture and a list of the facilities available.

  1. And This Little Pig
  2. Compound Boggle
  3. Dante's Peek
  4. Displacement Dragster
  5. Fermi Questions
  6. Function Deduction
  7. Grade Nine Events
  8. Grade Ten Events
  9. Heavy Engineering
  10. ICUE
  11. Lightening Calculators
  12. London Bridge
  13. Mystery Solutions
  14. Robot Event
  15. Rube Goldberg
  16. Taxonomy Spelling Bee
  17. Teacher Event

Drop In Events

These events run all morning in the Atrium. Drop in when you have free time.

  1. Cup Stacking
  2. Rubik's Cube

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