Divisional Awards

Categories Life Science Physical Science Engineering
Grades 6 – 8 Junior Junior Junior
Grades 9 – 10 Intermediate Intermediate Intermediate
Grades 11 – 12 Senior Senior Senior


Gold Medals – 8% Silver Medals – 16% Bronze Medals – 24%
Junior Gold Medal and $40 Silver Medal and $20 Bronze Medal
Intermediate Gold Medal and $60 Silver Medal and $30 Bronze Medal
Senior Gold Medal and $100 Silver Medal and $50 Bronze Medal

The Medals are given in each Division and Category.
Example 1 There are 50 projects in Junior Life Science. We expect to award about 0.08 * 50 = 4 Gold Medals, 0.16 * 50 = 8 Silver Medals and 0.24 * 50 = 12 Bronze Medals. About half the students will receive a medal.
Example 2. There are 6 Projects in Senior Engineering, and three are outstanding. All three will be awarded Gold Medals.
Example 3. There are 4 Projects in Intermediate Physics, and none are outstanding. One gold, one silver and one bronze will be awarded.

Grades 4 – 5 students are awarded Certificates of Achievement


Special Awards

Every student is eligible for all the Special Awards available in their age category. A team of judges is appointed for every Special Award, and they consider every eligible project in the fair.


Barfett Family Award for Social Science Barfett Family Open: 6 – 12
Beckett Smith Memorial Bit By Bit Camp Technology Award* Department of Computer Science Junior: 6 – 8
Brescia University College Entrance Scholarship Brescia University College Senior: 11 – 12
Conservation Award Upper Thames and Lower Thames and Kettle Creek Conservation Authorities Junior: 6 – 8
Discovery Western Summer Camp The Faculty of Engineering Junior: 6 – 8
Engineers Choice Award Professional Engineers of Ontario – London Chapter Open: 6 – 12
Faculty of Education Award Faculty of Education, UWO Junior: 6 – 8
IEEE London Section Award* Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers – London Section Open: 6 – 12
London Public Library Award London Public Library Junior: 6 – 8
NSERC Young Innovators Award Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council Open: 6 – 12
Research Western Imagination Prize Research Western Junior: 6 – 8
Int: 9 – 10
Senior: 11 – 12
Rotary Literacy Award* Rotary Club of London South Junior: 6 – 8
Sanofi Biogenius Canada Award* Sanofi Canada Open: grades 6 to 12
Scientific American Award* OES Inc. Intermediate & Senior:
9 – 12
University of Ottawa Scholarship* University of Ottawa Senior: 11 – 12
Western Engineering Entrance Scholarship The Faculty of Engineering Senior: 11 – 12
Western Engineering Summer Academy The Faculty of Engineering Int. and Senior: 9 – 12

* = Confirmed for 2022
Winners of a given Special Award are not normally eligible to win the same award the following year. In exceptional cases, the Chief Judge may waive this condition.


Grand Awards

  • The Grand Awards are the trips to the Canada Wide Science Fair.
  • Winners will be designated NSERC Young Innovators, in recognition of a grant given by NSERC towards the cost of the trip to the CWSF.
  • Students must be enrolled in grades 7 – 12.
  • Only projects done by one or two students are eligible for the CWSF.
  • Selection of the students for CWSF will comply with the Youth Science Canada CWSF Eligibility Policy
  • Their projects will comply with Youth Science Canada Ethics Policies.
  • Students will be selected on the basis of the scientific merit of their project by the TVSEF Grand Awards Committee, which will be chaired by the Chief Judge. The decision of this committee is final.
  • The TVSEF will pay the travel and registration costs for each student selected to attend the CWSF.
  • Students may not gain entrance to the CWSF by providing the costs needed for the trip.
  • Since 2011, the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair has sent the maximum of ten students plus two delegates to the Canada Wide Science Fair.
  • The number we send is limited by the sponsorships we are able to attract. It costs about $2000 to send each student to the CWSF.
  • Our long term goal is to increase our sponsorship so that we can send all ten students to the CWSF every year.


Other Awards

School Trophies
Teacher Awards