School Trophy Winners

2019Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2018Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2017Orchard Park P.S.Central S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2016Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2015Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2014London Islamic SchoolA.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2013Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.Central S.S.
2012Orchard Park P.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.A.B. Lucas S.S.
2011Orchard Park P.S.Central S.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.
2010Stoneybrook P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SA.B.Lucas S.S.
2009Sherwood FoxA.B.Lucas S.SA.B.Lucas S.S.
2008St. Raphael’sA.B.Lucas S.SCentral S.S.
2007Orchard Park P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.
2006Orchard Park P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.
2005Orchard Park P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.
2004St. Georges P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SA.B.Lucas S.S.
2003Orchard Park P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SSt. Thomas Aqinas S.S.
2002Weldon Park AcademyA.B.Lucas S.SSt. Thomas Aqinas S.S.
2001St. Georges P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SCatholic Central S.S.
2000St. Georges P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.Central S.S.
1999Weldon Park AcademyA.B.Lucas S.S.St. Thomas Aquinas
1998St. Georges P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.John Paul II
1997Weldon Park AcademyA.B.Lucas S.S.Medway H.S.
1996MountsfieldA.B.Lucas S.S.Central S.S.
1995Ecole Marie CurieA.B.Lucas S.SClarke Road S.S.
1994Mathews HallA.B.Lucas S.SCentral S.S.
Westmister S.S.
1993Metcalfe SchoolA.B.Lucas S.SCentral S.S.
1992Mathews HallA.B.Lucas S.SRegina Mundi College
1991Mountsfield P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.
1990Monseignor BryereJohn Paul II.Medway S.S.
1989Mountsfield P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SCentral S.S.
1988RyersonA.B.Lucas S.SSaunders S.S.
1987Mountsfield P.S.A.B.Lucas S.SA.B.Lucas S.S.
1986Riverside P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S Medway H.S.
1985Ryerson P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.H.B.Beal S.S.
1984Masonville P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.Medway H.S.
1983Riverside P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.London Central S.S.
1982Masonville P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S. A.B.Lucas S.S.
1981Jean Vanier P.S.A.B.Lucas S.S.H.B.Beal S.S.
1980Stoneybrook P.S.G.A. Wheable S.S.Sir Adam Beck S.S.
1979Jean Vanier P.S. Woodstock Collegiate
1978Orchard Park P.S. Huron Park
1977Masonville P.S. Huron Park
1976Orchard Park P.S. Oakridge S.S
1975Masonville P.S. Oakridge S.S
1974Fairmont P.S. Huron Park,
1973Lord Nelson P.S. A.B. Lucas
1972Lord Nelson P.S. Westminster
1971 Lord Nelson P.S. South

Senior Trophy

1971 – 2010 The school attended by the student(s) with the best project in the Senior Category.
2012 onwards: The school making the best overall contribution to the Fair in the Senior Category.

Tom W.W.Stewart Intermediate Trophy

The school making the best overall contribution to the Fair in the Intermediate Category.

Junior Trophy

The school making the best overall contribution to the Fair in the Junior Category.

School Trophy Points

  1. First place = 3 points.
  2. Second place = 2 points.
  3. Third place = 1 point

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