Malcolm McLean, Kevin Barfett, Spencer Seiler, Lauren Solomon, Charlie Johnston, Fernaz Daynouri-Pancino, Caroline Whippey, Charles Yin, Kelly Maclpine, Susan Lindsay, Sherman Lang, Jeff Regan, Osam Ali, Patrick Whippey.


Name Responsibility
Osam Ali At Large
Kevin Barfett * Setup
Scott Curoe Photography
Kevin Barfett * Setup
Farnaz Daynouri-Pancino * Workshops
Michael Feeney Awards Day Coordinator
Patricia Fyfe Presenters for the Awards Ceremony
Charlie Johnston Volunteers
Sherman Lang * Medals and Awards at the Awards Ceremony
Susan Lindsay * Coregistrar
Kelly MacAlpine * Outreach, Volunteer Coordinator, Fundraising
Malcolm McLean * Treasurer
Ted Medzon * At Large
Joanne Moniz Western Engineering
Mike Newnham * Smarter Science, School Relations and programs
Rick Pardo Smarter Science, School Relations and programs
Jeff Regan * Chair, Fundraising, Coregistrar, Judging
Mofeed Sawan At Large
Spencer Seiler * At Large
Lauren Solomon Social Media and Coregistrar
Grace Wang At Large
Caroline Whippey * Secretary and Judging
Patrick Whippey * Past Chair, Chief Judge and Fundraising

* denotes a member of the Board of Directors.
Many members of the committee carry multiple roles.


Scott Curoe