Join us for the 51st TVSEF!

April 10th, 2021 – Virtual / Online

Registration is now open!  Click HERE to register.

Looking for some ideas, or a mentor to help get you started? 
We have university students who can help you with that: 

Click HERE to get started.

What?  Online?   How do we do a science fair online?

Here is how it will work:

Instead of a poster board, students prepare a presentation for us to read ahead of time.  The presentation should be presented with similar content they would normally put on a poster.   (More info to follow).

On April 10th, multiple pairs of judges will meet with the student virtually at various times in the morning via an audio conference.   (Not everyone has high speed internet available).

Just like in a regular ‘in person’ fair, the student has up to 7 minutes max to present their project, leaving the remaining 8 minutes for the judges to ask questions.

More info will follow on how to prepare for the event, explain how to upload their presentations, and when the final deadline for the presentations to be submitted ahead of time will be.

Pass the word on!