The 50th TVSEF lives! We are going on line!

We are proud to announce that the TVSEF has been fully inoculated against the COVID-19 virus. We invite you all to present your projects on line.

We will award Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals. We will also select winners of the Special Awards.

Still Time to Enter the Fair

Fair registration runs up until April 13th, 2020.  Click here to register.

Ways to Present your Project.

  1. Re-format your display into a set of PowerPoint slides. Add the audio talk you would give to the judges. If the pages on your display are hand-drawn, take a picture of each, and put one picture on each PowerPoint slide. When making your recording we suggest you follow this format. Refer to your slides as you speak. 1. Title. 2. Why did you do the project? 3. What did you do? 4. What are the main results? 5. What are your conclusions?” Do not worry if the audio is not perfect. The judges will ignore the odd cough and Ummm. We will instruct them to focus on the project you have done.
  2. If you do not have access to PowerPoint, use these free alternatives: Office Libre Impress and the audio program Audacity.
  3. If you already have your display, stand in front of it and give your talk. Use a cell phone to record it on video.
  4. Be creative. Maybe you have a better way. Use whatever technology you have at hand.
  5. The maximum number of slides in the PowerPoint presentation is 15. The maximum time of your talk is seven minutes. Judges will ignore material beyond these limits.
  6. Include in your presentation a 60 second video of yourself. This is a “Sales Pitch” for your project. Explain what you did and what you learned. Use a cell phone to make the video.

YouTube Videos

  1. How to add audio to PowerPoint.
  2. How to add embed a video in PowerPoint.
  3. How to add Audio to Office Libre Impress
  4. There are many YouTube videos on every topic. Go searching if you get stuck.


If you have questions on how to do a project, and are looking for guidance, we have people that can help.  Click here for more information.

Photo for the Picture Gallery.

We would be delighted to include your picture in our gallery of participants. Please send us a picture of yourself with your project. Make sure you are in focus. This is voluntary. It is not required for entry into the fair.

Submitting Your Project

We will send details on how to submit your presentation and photograph later.</p?

The deadline for submission is Monday 27 April 2020.


The judges will be assigned to the projects exactly as at the face to face fair. They will assign a recommendation of Gold, Silver, Bronze or No Award. There will not be an on-line interview with the judges.

We do hope you will take this opportunity to present your projects to us. We are looking forward to seeing them, and celebrating all the great work you have done.

If you choose not to join us in our online fair you also have the option of submitting your project next year in 2021, when this epidemic will be over.

19 March 2020