Results 2011

227 Teams

23 Schools

656 Students

Pentathlon Nine
Chemical Capers Cardinal Newman B Central St Joseph's A
Circuitous Circuits Banting St. Benedict W.L MacKenzie
Cryptic Crossword W.L. MacKenzie Central Centennial CVI
Ecology Jeopardy Centennial CVI Cardinal Newman A Banting
Heavy Engineering Banting Cardinal Newman B Centennial
Pentathlon Ten
Cryptic Word Search Banting Centennial CVI St Mary's
INDYcator 500 Beal St Benedict W.L. MacKenzie
Metric Madness Central Montcalm St. Joseph's A
Models of Mitosis St. Benedict Mother Teresa John Paul II
Star Wars St. Benedict Westminster Banting
Senior Events
Amazing Rodents Beal St Joseph's B Montcalm
And This Little Pig Westminster Beal W.L. MacKenzie
Compound Boggle Beal Centennial CVI Westminster
Dante's Peek Mother Teresa B St Joseph;s A W.L.MacKenzie
Displacement Dragster St Joseph's A Centennial CVI Cardinal Carter A
ExtraSolar Systems Centennial CVI South St Benedicts
Fermi Questions Holy Trinity Cardinal Carter Beal
London Bridge Marika Leznyak
Winnie Liu
Filsan Mohamed
Nada Chams
W.L. MacKenzie
Function Deduction Catholic Central B Beal St. Benedict
Mathematics Biathlon Central A Cardinal Carter Saunders
Mystery Solutions Cardinal Carter Beal A Holy Trinity
Robots Centennial CVI A Westminster B Westminster A
Rube Goldberg Machine Medway Mother Teresa St Benedicts
Taxonomy Spelling Bee Cardinal Carter St Joseph's Centennial CVI
Individual Events
Cup Stacking 3-6-3 Anthony Tran
Centennial CVI
Jonathan Mak
The Woolands
Daniel Carter
Centennial CVI
Cup Stacking Pairs Ryan & Hanna
Jonathan & Leting
Aubrey & Jasmine
Cup Stacking Cycle Anthony Tran
Centennial CVI
Jonathan Mak
The Woolands
Daniel Carter
Centennial CVI