Drop Off and Pick Up from the 401


  Directions How Far
1 From the 401, take Exit 186 - Wellington St North. 0.0
2 Go to the tee-junction with Pall Mall Street. You will go through down-town.
Turn left.
3 Go to Richmond St. Turn right. 0.3
4 Go to the University. There are traffic lights, and a large stone entrance-way.
Turn left.
5 Cross the Bridge. 0.6
6 Go straight through the traffic lights and up the hill .  
7 Turn right at the top of the hill.  
8 Drop off your passengers here at the small traffic circle in front of Midddlesex College.  
9 Now you need to park the bus.
10 Follow the one way system to Western Road and turn right.
11 Go North on Western Road to Windermere Road and turn right.
12 Go East on Windermere Road to Richmond Street and turn right.
13 Go South on Richmond Street to the University Gates and turn right.
14 Go to the first set of traffic lights, before you cross the bridge. Turn right into the Medway Parking Lot where you may park for the day.
15 Pick up your passengers in the Medway Parking Lot at about 2:10 pm or so.
16 Download a map for drop off and pick up.
17 NB Buses are not permitted to drop off or pick up at the North Campus Building

Campus Maps