And This Little Pig Terry Brown, Winona Gadapati
For special study in 2020: The Ciculatory System
Compound Boggle Andrew Holmes
Dante's Peek Johanna Weissenborn
Displacement Dragster Maigan Hominic
Fermi Questions Nina Dolgovykh
Heavy Engineering John Budge
London Bridge Tim Kwiatkowski, Joseph Turnbull
Mathematics Events  
     Function Deduction Frank Tancredi
Frank Tancredi
     Lightning Calculators Frank Tancredi
Mystery Solutions Sandra Zakaria Holtslag
Grade Nine Events  
     Astronomy Triathlon Shannon Hicks
     Chemical Capers Jenny Shaw
     Circuitous Circuits Kanthi Kaluarachchi
     Ecology Jeopardy Lynn Watson
Grade Ten Events  
    INDYcator 500 Dave Kleuskens
    Metric Madness Shafee Ahamed
    Models of Mitosis Aimee Leitch
    Star Wars Mark Drabick
Robot Event Art Mulder and Rim Zakaria
Rube Goldberg Machine TBA
Taxonomy Spelling Bee TBA
Teacher Event Johanna Weissenborn
Unscheduled Events
Cup Stacking Erica Alexander
Rubik's Cube Bogdan Terek