Judging Timetable 2015

Judging Timetable 2015

Exhibits: Thames Hall Gymnasium
Judging Breakout Rooms: Somerville house

Grades 4 – 5: Friday 27 March 2015

Time Celebration of the Projects
6:00 pm Pick up your package in Thames Hall 3101
6:10 pm Orientation in Thames Hall Room 3101
6:30 pm Celebration of the Projects in Thames Hall Gymnasium
8:00 pm Put stickers on the certificates in Thames Hall 3101

Grades 6 – 12: Saturday 28 March 2015

Time Divisional and Special Award Judging
8:45 am Pick up your judging package in Somerville House Room 3345
9:00 am Judging orientation in Somerville House Room 3345
9:30 am Judging starts in Thames Hall Gymnasium
11:30 am Discuss results in judging breakout rooms
Note: You will receive a Food Services Gift Card for lunch.
It can be used at any campus eatery.
Please finish your judging deliberations before you go for lunch.
1:30 pm Special Award judging must be finished
2:00 pm Divisional Award judging must be finished
2:00 pm Public Viewing begins
4:00 pm Public Viewing ends

Judging Breakout Rooms

Judging Team Building Room
Junior Life Science Somerville House 3315
Junior Physical Science Somerville House 3317
Junior Engineering Somerville House 3307
Intermediate & Senior: Physical Science; Engineering 3M Centre 3250
Intermediate & Senior: Life Science Somerville House 3305
Special Awards Somerville House 3355
Chief Judge Somerville House 3350