Mohamad Kadri

The Antioxidant Effect

London Islamic School

My project explored the effects of antioxidants (specifically Vitamins A, E, and C) against harmful, unstable atoms called free radicals in plants on seed germination. All solutions were tested on Radish seeds and Kidney beans. In each of the four trials held, the seed groups were put into a warm environment of 30 degrees Celcius. The results achieved may lead to a healthier lifestyle.


My name is Mohamad Kadri. I am in grade 7 and attend the London Islamic School. This year I was elected to be the Student Body President at my school. I have organized many fundraising events such as hot lunches, bake sales and field trips. I have also participated in organizing events such as Jump Rope for Heart and Hoops for Heart. I enjoy school and strive to achieve academic excellence. Outside of school I enjoy playing competitive hockey just like my cousin, who plays for the Toronto Maple Leafs. I have been to the London District Science and Technology Fair twice and it has been my dream to proceed and participate at the Canada Wide Science Fair. I have received the MVP in soccer and hockey and this year was chosen to be the assistant captain of my hockey team. Each year I have received academic excellence at my school. Also, I have received first place in the All Science Challenge at the University of Western Ontario. I am very fortunate and exited to be one of the grand award winners to attend the CWSF.