David Kim

Curry Cures

Orchard Park P.S.

Cardiovascular disease, diabetes, high blood pressure and cholesterol are problem that are getting more prevalent by every passing year. The goal of my project was to try and slow or relieve the process for the future. I turned to antioxidants, and for this reason, I needed to find which antioxidant out of turmeric, blueberry and tomato are the most effective in countering oxidants.


My name is David Kim, and I am a student of a gifted program, but will be entering the IB program for Secondary. I consider myself a very verbal/linguistic person; I enjoy writing and speaking in front of others. I also like so music, drama, and visual arts as pastimes. Concerning the project, I first had the idea when my older acquaintances began to list the pros and cons of age. When I saw that the former generally outweighed the latter, I found the concept of aging interesting, and furthermore, I wanted to know if there was something cheap and obtainable that we could do during our everyday life that could slow the process. When this led to antioxidants and oxidants, I was now completely interested in the subject and knew that this was what I wanted to do. If I could resume my experiment, I would definitely conduct the experiment longer and in more detail by using things like new ingredients and lengthened exposure times. As one of the students myself who has been a victim of not knowing what to pick as a project, my advice is to pick topics you enjoy; reward yourself to something fun.