Sarah Sawan

Versatile Simulation Robot

John Dearness P.S.

This project focuses on creating a realistic simulation to study the effect of low-pH beverages on the enamel. A Versatile Simulating Robot (VSR) was designed, constructed, programmed and tested to study the effect of various low pH beverages on the enamel of the eggshell. The VSR uses a realistic and closer to life cycles for subjecting the eggshell to different low-pH beverages.


I am a grade seven student at John Dearness PS in London, Ontario. My favourite subjects are Music, Math and Science. My hobbies include playing the clarinet and camping. I love all sports, especially soccer, swimming and long distance running. I am a member of my school Robotics team. We won first place Technical Design during our regional qualifier in 2013. I also enjoy travelling to less fortunate villages and refuge-camps in Africa and Asia, where I try to help children my age and spread STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math).