Danila Alverov

Perception of Natural Colour

A.B. Lucas S.S.

Prior experience and memory (top-down processes) in the human brain influence the perception of natural colour. In binocular rivalry, the brain suppresses the odd coloured object and the natural coloured object dominates. By applying a Bayesian approach, the effect of top-down processes on the perception of natural colour may be quantifiable for the development of artificial visual systems.

Challenge Award – Innovation Intermediate $750
Excellence Award – Intermediate Gold Medal $1500
Western University Etrance Scholarship Gold Medallist – $4000


My name is Dan Alferov, I’m in Grade 9 at A.B. Lucas Secondary School. My favorite subjects are math and science. I enjoy playing various sports, like basketball and soccer. I love studying the human brain. I wanted to do this project because I enjoy working with human subjects and decoding the mysteries of the human brain. I dream of creating an artificial human visual system which can accumulate knowledge and replicate human experience. My ultimate goal is to make an impact in the field of neuroscience and computer technology.