Tips for Judging

Tips to ensure the exhibitors and you have a successful judging experience.

  1. Introduce yourself – where do you come from, what do you do. Ask the students likewise.
  2. Ask them what grade they are in. You might be surprised.
  3. Ask questions in an upbeat and positive manner, remembering that these are elementary and high school projects, not MSc or PhD candidates.
  4. The interview must last for 15 minutes. The students have worked very hard, and even the weakest exhibit is entitled to a full and rewarding interview.
  5. Finish by telling the students how much you have enjoyed your time with them, and find two things about their presentation to praise.
  6. Leave five minutes to fill in the Judge’s Marking Sheet.
  7. Do not comment in any public area on any exhibit where an exhibitor or delegate can hear you. The competition is intense, and rumours abound.
  8. If you find an exhibit that you are unqualified to judge, or in which you have a conflict of interest, please inform your Category & Division Chief immediately.


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