Feedback – Verbal


Judges will be giving the students verbal feedback, instead of the written feedback used in previous years.  Each Divisional Judge will be responsible for giving verbal feedback to one or two students. During your morning interviews, make notes of items you might wish to discuss.  The feedback  will be given in ten minute discussions after lunch between 1:30 pm and 2:00 pm.  Instruction on how best to do this will be given at the Judging workshop.

We are making this change for several reasons.

  • The quality of the written feedback varied.  Some was excellent, and some was – well – not so excellent.
  • The time taken to produce the written feedback was at least 50 person – hours
  • The judging chairs read all the written feedback forms and re-wrote those that were inappropriate.
  • We are making this same change at the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2014, and the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair  is the pilot site for this change.