LDSTF Best in Fair

Best In Fair

Year Name School Project
2013 Jessie MacAlpine Huron Park S.S. Mustard Oil as an Apicomplexan-Targeting Drug Therapy for Plasmodium falciparum
2012 Junru (Jerry) Chen Central S.S. Robotic Watering System
2011 Grace Wang A.B.Lucas S.S. Exploring the Role of Natural Killer Cell Modulation by Rapamycin: A Strategy for Anticancer Therapy
2010 Charles Yin

Tony Kwon,

A.B.Lucas S.S. Induction and detection of chemotatic protein S100A8 in RAW 264.7 cells
Allium sativum as a Potential Antimicrobial against Group A Streptococcal Infections
2009 Tony Kwon A.B. Lucas S.S. Garlic-Induced Gene Expression Changes in Streptococcus pyogenes Predict a Reduction in Virulence
2008 Carlie Scalesse Central S.S. Catch Me If You Can! A Robotic Simulation of Predator-Prey Co-Evolution
2007 David Wang A.B. Lucas S.S. Bioproduction of a Pleiotropic Regulatory Cytokine for Oral Administration Against Human Autoimmune Diseases
2006 David Wang A.B. Lucas S.S. A Cure for Diabetes
2005 Sarvesh Varma A.B.Lucas S.S. Image Guided Robotic Needle Insertion
2004 Pencilla Lang A.B.Lucas S.S. Optical Tactile Sensors For a Medical Palpitation
2003 Kara Barfett St. Thomas Aqinas S.S. Artificial Cells as a Feed Additive For Pollution Control In Aquaculture
2002 Kara Barfett St. Thomas Aqinas S.S. Linguistic Darwinism:Quantitative Approach To Linguistics
2001 John-Paul Lobos Catholic Central S.S. Quality Control Using Computer Vision
2000 Eistathios Tzaras Central S.S. Effect of PVA Preparation On Mechanical Properties
1999 Joe Barfett
Alberto Da Rocha
St Thomas Aquinas Canadian Hog Farms and Pollution Control – A New Biochemical Process
1998 Joe Barfett
Jeff Woods
St Thomas Aquinas Reduction of Nitrogen Wastes Through Bacterial Co-Immobilization
1997 Victoria Soo Medway H.S. Can Solar Power Produce Hydrogen?
1996 Katie Sloma Central S.S. Aluminium Uptake
1995 Wes Rhifer
Tom Jones
Clarke Road S.S.
1994 Chris Heyn
Ram Puvi
Central S.S
Westmister S.S.
1993 Gary Zimmerman Central S.S.
1992 Chris Guerra Regina Mundi College
1991 Julie Chen A.B.Lucas S.S.
1990 Medway S.S.
1989 Rachel Zimmerman Central S.S.
1988 Mohrgan Pratten Saunders S.S.
1987 Susan Surry
Patrick Surry
A.B.Lucas S.S.
1986 Norman Yu
Sarah Wells,
Medway H.S.
1985 John Nother
Genevieve Konefal,
H.B.Beal S.S.
1984 Thomas Rienke Medway H.S.
1983 Jim Chung Central S.S
1982 Michael Ogletree A.B.Lucas S.S.
1981 Po Fong Yang
John Kochanski
H.B.Beal S.S.
1980 Brad Shadwick Sir Adam Beck S.S
1979 J. Daryll Rouse Woodstock Collegiate
1978 Alan Thomson
Jim Graaskamp
Huron Park
1977 John Clarke
Robert Pearson
Huron Park
1976 Fred McLaren Oakridge S.S.
1975 Fred McLaren Oakridge S.S.
1974 Brian Steinback Huron Park
1973 John Locke
Tanja Cunningham
A.B. Lucas
1972 Martin Connors, Westminster
1971 Zoltan W. Balogh South S.S.