Abrahim Tassi

Abrahim Tassi

The Dark Side of Energy Drinks

London Islamic School

This project studied the impact of 15 energy drinks, analyzing key elements such as electrolyte levels, acidity, caffeine, and sugar. Over two weeks, lamb tissue samples submerged in these drinks exhibited a noticeable decline in weight, suggesting significant physiological impacts. Molecular analysis via qPCR (quantitative Polymerase Chain Reaction) revealed changes in insulin and sugar receptor activity in lamb liver tissues after being exposed to these drinks. Particularly surprising were the findings from pathologist examinations of liver samples exposed to specific energy drinks like Prime, BioSteel, and Reign, showing complete tissue destruction compared to control samples. These results show a potential for serious long-term health effects on both organs and oral health among regular energy drink consumers. This study emphasizes the importance of gaining a deeper understanding of these commonly consumed beverages for the safety of public health.

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University Scholarship

Western University

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