Deadline for Registration by Students

Date: Wednesday, March 11, 2020
Time:11:59 pm

Students whose on-line applications are not complete by this deadline will not be able to participate in the Science Fair.

The TVSEF is fully volunteer run – we have no office, and have no paid staff.
Most of our volunteers have full-time day jobs, or are full-time post secondary students.

In order to properly prepare for the fair, we will no longer accept entries after the posted deadline. The reasons for this are many, and include:

    • 160 table assignments have to be made, to ensure that those requesting electricity are given tables with power available.
    • 200 individual student packages have to be printed and assembled.
    • 110 judging assignments have to be made, lists printed and packages assembled.
    • 500 emails and 50 phone calls have to be answered in the three weeks before the fair.
    • 200 signed Permission Forms must be received and checked.
    • 200 name tags have to be printed.
    • The map of the exhibit hall has to be printed.
    • The fair has doubled in size since 2004.

We know this will take extra effort by teachers, parents and students. We applaud you all and thank each one of you for the superb support you give to the Science Fair.

If you have questions, please visit the Contact Page and send the Registrar an email.

P.S. We will accept signed Permission Forms after the deadline above.