Anika Garg

Developing a Self-Sensing Actuator for Use in Wearable Rehabilitation Devices

A.B. Lucas S.S.

This project examined the relationship between temperature, resistance, and strain in twisted and coiled soft actuators (TCA), made from silver-plated nylon fibre. This was done to develop a self-sensing mechanism for viable use of these artificial muscles in biomimetic systems such as robots and powered exoskeletons.

Excellence Award – Senior Bronze Medal
Western University – $1000 Entrance Scholarship
University of Ottawa – $1000 Entrance Scholarship



My name is Anika Garg and I am a grade 11 student at A.B. Lucas Secondary School in London, Ontario. At school, I am involved with DECA, science olympics, reach for the top, and the swim team. I also enjoy music and play piano and clarinet. I have a strong interest in science and plan on pursuing a career in a STEM field. This is my third time participating in the Thames Valley Science and Engineering Fair, and my second time at CWSF. I’m really grateful for this opportunity and would encourage anyone interested in science to try it out!