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Your Mentors: Tasnia, Sarah, Colette, Nikhil, Neha, Devanshi
All have been to the Canada Wide Science Fair, and are eager to help you with your project

In 2018, the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair launched a new program to inspire and encourage all youth across London to expose themselves to the STEM disciplines through science fair.  Alumni of the Canada-Wide and International science fairs (including Nikhil, Neha, Colette, Tasnia, Sarah, Katherine and Devanshi) organized a mentorship program consisting of interactive sessions to outline the steps to creating a successful project, and also providing one on one mentorship for all interested students, regardless of their level of experience. This group of university students have all had extremely positive science fair experiences that have played a significant role in shaping who they are today as university students, and as a result, they have all been very keen to use what they have learned in their science fair successes to help London youth produce the best projects possible. This outreach program has been designed to invigorate students’ interest in the STEM disciplines, regardless of their background in science or their access/lack thereof to scientific equipment/resources. Similar to how many of the mentors became interested in science, the undertaking of a science fair project can play a role both in academic and personal development for youth. A special thanks to NSERC (in particular, their Student Ambassador Program) for helping make this initiative possible.

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This program pairs current elementary and secondary students interested in competing in the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair with undergraduate mentors from Western University who are alumni of the national and international science fairs.

Students are able to collaborate with their mentors however they choose (email, phone, in-person) and will receive access to various tools and workshops to assist with their projects.

This program is open to students with any level of experience, who are at any stage of the project process!

Secondary students who are working on high level projects can also be matched with faculty from several different schools at Western University.

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