Áine Pucchio

E.A.R.T.H.: Environmental Alternatives — Reducing Textile Harm

A.B. Lucas S.S.

Environmental sustainability and reduction of human impact on Earth must guide our endeavours. Humans annually consume 80 billion pieces of clothing. The environmental impact of a garment depends largely on the material used. My project tests materials used in coats (cotton, wool, polyester, down and the novel fiber of milkweed) for insulative values, and the environmental impact of production, processing and disposal of each material.


My name is Áine Pucchio. I am in grade 10 at A. B. Lucas Secondary School, in London, Ontario. I take science courses in school and am looking towards a post-secondary education and career in science. I am very passionate about music, and I actively play the saxophone, piano and I sing. I also love drama, and often participate in, and watch both plays and musicals. I am enthusiastic about saving our environment and other social justice issues that affect our world. If you ask my friends, I am constantly reminding them about small ways they can help the environment and spread awareness about it. I would like to thank my sister for influencing me to do science fairs, and my science teacher, Colleen Fletcher, for encouraging me to learn and grow.