Wid Alshaikh

Sitting or Standing — Does It Really Matter?

Al Taqwa Islamic Secondary School

In this study, I examined the effects of standing on students’ general intelligence task performance. I tested each child using 2 general intelligence tests of the same level with a 10-minute limit, both while standing and sitting. The results of the data collected showed that there is no significant difference between students’ sitting and standing scores.


My name is Wid Alshaikh. I’m a ninth-grade student at al-taqwa academy in London Ontario. I enjoy playing sports, reading, and photography. I’ve won many awards in the gauss math contest, The Mathematica Contest, the Thames Valley Science and Engineering Fair, as well as numerous awards at school-wide competitions. I’ve participated in Science fairs since grade 6. In 2015 my father suffered from back pain. His physiotherapist told him to use a sit-stand desk. I wondered if using sit-stand desks affected work performance. I plan on doing this study on a larger group of people. My advice for other students would be to choose a topic they are passionate about and to be confident in themselves and their work.