Áine Pucchio

Reflections on Climate Change – Environmental Choices for Urban Roofs

A.B. Lucas S.S.

Peak electricity demand is highest during summer months. Given the large surface area and direct sun exposure, the temperature of a building is significantly influenced by its roof. Provincial building codes in Canada do not prescribe materials which increase solar reflection and reduce heat absorption. Experimentation will show how roofing colour and material types can reduce air conditioning and electrical consumption in buildings.


I am in grade 9 at A. B. Lucas Secondary School, in London, Ontario. I currently take science in high school, and am going to continue taking different sciences. I would like to study science at university, has I have an interest in the fields of chemistry and biology. I love music, and actively play the saxophone, piano and I sing. I am part of the Amabile Choirs of London and take music lessons. I am also enthusiastic about drama, and have done both plays and musicals, inside of school and at local theatres. I love playing piano and singing with my siblings. I am passionate about the environment, and spreading awareness about global issues. That is what sparked my science fair idea, along with getting my house reroofed recently. I had never thought about how roofs could affect the environment, so I wanted to investigate it further, turning it into a science fair project. I hope to do many more science fairs and keep this great influence in my life. Thanks to the great science teachers at Lucas, Chris Shoesmith, my elementary school science teacher, and my father, who helped me with this project.