Dan & Sheila Thorsley Award Old. Do not Use

Dan and Sheila Thorsley Award

Dan and Sheila Thorsley, together with their family, played major roles in the London and District Science Fair for many years, culminating in the Canada Wide Science Fair in 2000. When Dan retired from the G.A. Wheable Centre for Adult Education, The London District Science & Technology Fair sponsored these awards at Wheable, to recognize excellence by students in both Chemistry and Physics . The award consists of a plaque and a cash prize.

The year 2002 refers to the period September 2002 – June 2003 etc.


Chemistry Physics
2002 Jing Ma Clint Campbell
2003 Judy Boltan Breanne Abbott
2004 Pablo Andres Vasques Maldonaldo Adam Kristoferson (OAC)
2005 Pablo Maldonado Adam Kristopherson (4U)
2006 Trisha Lusher Chad Henderson
2007 Jeff Cartright Jerry Mazajlo
2008 OAC Ryan Munro Ryan Munro
2008 4U Jia Wu Emine Kaplanoglu
2009 Lawrence Cushman Gelber Vargas Sissa
2010 Pablo Vasquez Maldonado Ruicheng Liu
2011 Chelsey Lewis Hilton Maurer
2012 Alex T. Kim Brad Gare