Aoife Pucchio

Styrofoam – A Problem We Need to (dis)-Solve

A.B. Lucas S.S.

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS), or Styrofoam, takes up 30% of average landfills. Currently, only 1% of EPS is recycled (Recycling Styrofoam, 2009). EPS dissolves in d-Limonene, an oil extracted from the rinds of citrus fruits. By developing a prototype process for municipalities involving on-site dissolving depots, EPS can be efficiently transported in solution to a centralized facility for recycling into a highly reusable plastic.

The Manning Innovation Achievement Award
Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award – $3000 towards their post-secondary education.
Excellence Award – Senior Gold Medal
Dalhousie University Faculty of Science  – $5000 Entrance Scholarship
Faculty of Science UBC  – $4000 Entrance Scholarship
University of Manitoba  – $5000 Entrance Scholarship
University of Ottawa – $4,000 Entrance Scholarship
Western University  – $4000 Entrance Scholarship



My name is Aoife Pucchio and I am a grade 11 student at A. B. Lucas Secondary School. Ever since I was a child, I have had a passion for the environment, nature, and camping. I enjoy canoe tripping every summer, my longest being an 18-day trip! The idea for my project was inspired by my love for the environment and a desire to help solve the looming issue of climate change. My project ties together my passion for science with my interest in the environment. My other hobbies include playing the flute, violin, and piano, as well as being a member of my school’s concert choir. I love swimming, reading good books, and travelling.