Sarah DeWeerd

The Effect of Playing a Musical Instrument on One’s Memory Capacity

A.B. Lucas S.S.

For many people, music is a part of their daily lives, providing enjoyment, pleasure, and motivation. Music plays an important role, particularly in the lives of musicians, as it enhances the working memory capacity of the brain. My project investigated the correlation between instrumental music exposure and memory capabilities. My findings show that musical experience and training have a direct correlation with memory capabilities.

Excellence Award – Intermediate Bronze Medal
Western University – $1000 Entrance Scholarship



My name is Sarah DeWeerd, and I am a grade 10 student at A.B. Lucas Secondary School. Science is equally a big part of my life as both music and the arts. I am actively involved in the music program at Lucas, participating in the intermediate band and enrolling in music courses. My passion for music and curious understanding lead me to the eventual realization of the positive effects that musical training was having on my own life, and was the starting point for the inspiration for my project. The process of completing this project has taught me the importance of continuing to ask questions and seeking out new opportunities to learn and grow as an individual.