David Wu

Disappearing Monarchs: 7 Years of Study, One Shocking Fact

Orchard Park P.S.

From 2008 to 2014, I carried out a study, looking at monarch butterflies in London, documenting numbers of larvae and milkweed. Looking back at collected data, I discovered that the monarch population had made an extreme drop! There are similar population decreases across North America. My project analyzed why the population was falling, anticipated future population changes, and searched for ways to save the monarchs.

Excellence Award – Junior Silver Medal
Western University  – $2000 Entrance Scholarship


I am David Wu, Grade 8 at Orchard Park P.S. in London, ON. I have read almost all science books in our area’s libraries; I now go to the adult section for books that have topics I am interested in. Examples of what I have looked into include zoology, quantum physics, and medicine. Outside of that, I am in my school’s concert band and jazz band, and I have won many solo piano competitions! I have participated in multiple chess tournaments and have won many. My first science fair was when in Grade 2; my science teacher let me participate in the 7/8 science fair at my school with a project on DNA and inheritance. I have been in science fairs since! My project came to be when I realized the severe decrease in monarch butterfly populations in my area from my 7 year study of them. I will continue to study the monarch butterfly to confirm my prediction of the population and to watch over them. My advice for newcomers to the science fair is to make a project on a topic you are interested in, to follow the scientific method, and to be confident in your material!