TVSEF Students Win Big at the CWSF 2022!

Every one of our students who represented TVSEF and the Canada Wide Science Fair came back with an award!  We are so proud of them!

Silver Medal Winner:

  • Kevin Shao

Bronze Medal winners:

  • Arham Aziz
  • Katie Buchel
  • Nathan Janssen
  • Alexis Krasnova
  • Lili Miko
  • Caden Oliphant
  • Gary Zhu

Alexis Krasnova won the Engineering Innovation Award

Fourteen University Scholarships have been offered to these talented young

Great Job!

April 11, 2022

Drum Roll Please!

The winners of the 2022 Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair are…

Want to see the winners from all the fairs?  Go here.

Congratulations to all of this year’s participants!

Public Viewing of this year’s projects can be found here:

See you next year!