Science Olympics Committee

The Science Olympics is organised by a very large number of people, who devote much time and energy to the program, both inside and outside the classroom. We thank all of you for your commitment of time, talent and enthusiasm that makes this such a great program.

Erica Alexander TVDSB Kelly MacAlpine Western
Michelle Blais Cardinal Carter Christine Morris Clarke Rd
Terry Brown Westminster Art Mulder Computer Science, Western
John Budge Lucas Mike Newnham  
Carolyn Cadogan Western Parshati Patel Physics & Astronomy Western
Mark Drabick Lucas Amy Robinson  
Mahmoud El-Sakka Computer Science, Western Spencer Seiler  
Winona Gadapati Biology, Western Jenny Shaw Westminster
Sarah Gallagher Physics & Astronomy, Western University Lauren Solomon Western
Susan Gregorio Mother Teresa Maryam Tabeshian Physics & Astronomy
Keith Griffiths Chemistry, Western Frank Tancredi Catholic Central
Shannon Hicks Western Ruth Tanner Centennial, Guelph
Andrew Holmes Beal Bogden Terek John Paul II
Kanthi Kaluarchchi Western Joseph Turnbull Western
Dave Kleuskens Lucas Lynn Watson-Lee London Health Sciences Centre
Tim Kwiatkowski John Paul II Joanna Weissenborn Centennial
Aimee Leitch Biology, Western Caroline Whippey Brescia College
Susan Lodge Guelph CVI Patrick Whippey Physics & Astronomy, Western
    Sandra Zakaria Holtslag Chemistry, Western