The 2017 Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair

Friday 24 – Sunday 26 March 2017

Thank you to everyone for another great fair!

You can find the 2017 results here.

Team Thames Valley 2017 will represent us at the CWSF in Regina in May

Team Thames Valley 2017

Matthew Zhou; David Wu; Kavisha Dayarathna; Andrew Benn; Danish Mahmood; Dennis Krasnov; Aine Pucchio; Melanie Jonnalagadda; Waleed Sawan; Amal Aziz.



Team Thames Valley at the Canada Wide Science Fair 2016

CWSF 2016
Shirley Liu – Engineering gene vectors for long-term tracking of cell fate in animals with bioluminescence imaging
Susan Lindsay – Delegate
Nancy Liu – The role of Panx3 and CCN1 in intervertebral disc health in mice
Sascha Bodak – Generating Musical Accompaniment Using Machine Learning. Gold Medal; Senior Information Challenge Award; 5 University Entrance Scholarships
Aoife Pucchio – Styrofoam – A Problem We Need to (dis)-Solve. Gold Medal; Manning Innovation Achievement Award; Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award; 5 University Entrance Scholarships
Tori Chen – Sugar Science. Bronze Medal; Western University Entrance Scholarship
Matt Skelton – Phantom Sensations
Amal Aziz – Use of Microbial Proteins as Industrial Biotechnology Hosts to Treat Epilepsy
Kelly MacAlpine – Delegate
David Wu – Turning LEDs Into Power: Considering if LED Power Generators are Possible
Jacob Ender – Phantom Sensations
Danish Mahmoud – Efficiency Deficiency: Impact of Cervical Spine Curvature on Brain Efficiency using smart gadget
Caroline Whippey – National Judging Committee

Libro Credit Union Supports TVSEF Outreach Programs

Libro Presentation
Libro Credit Union has chosen the Thames Valley Science & Engineering Fair for a grant of $5000 in support of our outreach programs. We are so grateful and honoured for this significant recognition.

CWSF 2015

Team Thames Valley
Every member of Team Thames Valley won a medal.
Kelly MacAlpine – Delegate
Carl Shen (A.B. Lucas SS) – Bronze Medal: “Machine Learning Based Smart Bed Monitoring System”
Sascha Bodak (A.B. Lucas SS)-Bronze Medal: “Predictive Perception Networks: Temperature Forecasting Using Machine Learning”
Dan Alferov (A.B. Lucas SS) – Gold Medal; Manning Young Canadian Innovation Award; Senior Discovery Award: “Using the Perception of Facial Emotions to Aid in Diagnosis of Mood Disorders”
Sarah DeWeerd (A.B. Lucas SS) – Bronze Medal: “The Effect of Playing a Musical Instrument on One’s Memory Capacity”
Gary Shen (A.B. Lucas SS)- Bronze Medal: “Machine Learning Based Smart Bed Monitoring System”
Don McLeod – Delegate
Jessie MacAlpine – Alumna and Volunteer
Caroline Whippey, Registrar and National Judging Committee
David Wu (Orchard Park) – Silver Medal: “Disappearing Monarchs: 7 Years of Study, One Shocking Fact”
Hannah Vanderzwet (Orchard Park) – Silver Medal: “The Magic of Mustard”
Waleed Sawan (Jeanne Sauvé) – Gold Medal: “Every Drop Counts – An Intelligent Farming System”
SeonHo Jang (A.B. Lucas SS) – Bronze Medal: Correlation between tissue changes & back pain in a mouse model of intervertebral disc degeneration
Marie Floryan (A.B. Lucas SS) – Bronze Medal: “Development of Assistive Technology for Recovery from ACL Injury”

Congratulations on a wonderful performance by everyone. We are so proud of you.

TVSEF 2015

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Forty Five Years of Success

Smiles at the Awards Ceremony

Smiles at the Awards Ceremony


See where your science project can take you

Alumna Jessie MacAlpine with Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Bill Gates.

Tvsef 2014



CWSF 2014

Team TVSEF 2014Don McLeod (Delegate) David Wu, David Kim, Gary Shen, Mohamad Kadri, Waleed Sawan, Carl Shen, Aleksa Bjelogrlic, Victor Ling, Sasha Bodak, SeonHo Jang, Kelly MacAlpine (Delegate)

  • Silver Medals: Sascha, SeonHo, Victor, and Waleed.
  • Bronze Medals: Carl & Gary, Aleksa and Mohamed.
  • International Geoscience & Remote Sensing Award and the Challenge Discovery Award: Victor
  • Challenge Resources Award: Carl & Gary
  • Trip to Australia: Mohamed
  • The two Davids represented us wonderfully.

Intel International Science & Engineering Fair

Danila Alferov

Danila Alferov

Danila Alferov attended the Intel International Science & Engineering Fair in Los Angeles CA. He won the Psi Chi, The International Honor Society in Psychology First Award.

Top Twenty Under Twenty

Jessie Macalpine

Jessie Macalpine

Jessie MacAlpine, now an Alumna, was selected as one of Canada’s Top Twenty Under Twenty.