Results 2009

188 teams

26 Schools

770 Students

Pentathlon Nine
Chemical Capers Westminster St. Mary's Woodstock Lucas
Circuitous Circuits Banting; Beal W.L. Mackenzie Centennial CVI
Cryptic Crossword Central Mother Teresa Lucas
Models of Mitosis Banting Richmond Hill W.L Mackenzie
Space Probe Saunders Lucas W.L. Mackenzie
Pentathlon Ten
Cryptic Word Search South; St Mary's Woodstock Richmond Hill Central;Saunders
Displacement Dragster Centennial CVI Westminster St Mary's Kitchener
INDYcator 500 Richmond Hill Saunders Banting
Population Estimation South St. Mary's Kitchener W.L. Mackenzie
Weather Watch Vincent Massey South Richmond Hill
Senior Events
Amazing Rodents W.L. Mackenzie St Joseph's St. Thomas Richmond Hill
And This Little Pig Westminster St Joseph's, St Thomas St. Joseph's, Barrie
Compound Boggle Centennial CVI Saunders Mother Teresa
Dante's Peek Lucas I Catholic Central I Holy Trinity
Extrasolar Systems Richmond Hill Lucas; W.L. Mackenzie Mother Teresa
Fermi Questions Richmond Hill St Joseph's, Barrie South
London Bridge Cardinal Carter: Roy, Sylvia, Augusta, Sally Centennial CVI: Catherine Mother Teresa: Mickey
Mathematics Triathlon South Lucas; Richmond Hill Centennial
Mystery Solutions Cardinal Carter Centennnial CVI Holy Trinity
Robots Centennial Cardinal Newman; Westminster 2 Holy Trinity;
St Benedict
Rube Goldberg Machine Mother Teresa Medway Saunders
Individual Events
Cup Stacking: 3-6-3 Lucas: Spencer Laurier: Ferdy Cardinal Newman: Petra
Cup Stacking: Cycle Lucas: Spencer Laurier: Austin St Mary's Woodstock: Derek
Cup Stacking: Pairs Laurier: Austin & Ferdy Cardinal Newman: Petra & Ana Banting: Esha & Cindose